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Graph / node editor in the browser using VueJS

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BaklavaJS is a graph/node editor for the web. It provides an easy-to-use editor together with the ability to create custom nodes. Aditionally, it puts a strong emphasis on extensibility, which leads to a versatile plugin system. To guarantee type safety, the entirety of the BaklavaJS ecosystem is written in TypeScript.

The core functionality is shipped in the @baklavajs/core package. Any other functionality can be added a-la-carte by installing the desired plugins:

  • Engine: Provides functions to run calculations with the graph.
  • Interface Types: Adds types to node interfaces and allowing connections only between types that you want to. It can also automatically convert values from one type to another.
  • Vue Renderer: Displays the editor in the browser using VueJS
  • Themes: A collection of pre-built themes for BaklavaJS

There is also the baklavajs package, which contains the core package as well as all plugins.

Getting Started & Documentation

You can find the documentation here:

BaklavaJS v1

The old version of BaklavaJS can be found here:


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